Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wiener Roast '09

Last weekend was the annual Weiner Roast in Colfax, as usual the food did not disappoint and neither did the company. Zach had Heartland's alumni golf tournament so he had to miss out but he had a really good time seeing all his friends that have scattered everywhere. I brought Reagan to the beginning of it so some of the guys could see him. Some haven't seen him for a whole year.... he has changed a lot obviously!

First, we played in the corn.
Then I realized, wow it's really easy to lose a 2 year old in 7 feet tall corn-
let's mosey ourselves on out of here.

Then we roasted wieners, hence the title Wiener Roast.
But some little boys thought it was "too hot."

Then the boys played football, and continued to play football for the rest of the afternoon.
My grandparents, my grandpa's sister June with her husband Austin, and my grandpa's brother Jim.
Then the remainder of the day was spent playing on, what other than... a giant. pile. of dirt.

At the end of the day I turned around to watch Reagan curiously pick up a piece of corn from the ground and give it a try. He wasn't a fan. But it was pretty darn cute to watch =)


emily said...

Wish I could have been there! I'm diggin' Reagans recent hairstyle :)

Oh and no annual climb the silo while dodging flying gravel?

Anonymous said...

this year it was dodgin flying footballs while climbing -- and Uncle Steve was throwing them! haha!

This "safe" game was not quite as safe as the "let's play football in the road where huge grain trucks periodically cruise by".

We missed you and Ryan this year!

Aunt Sheila