Monday, October 12, 2009

Before The Blog; vol. 3: HIGH SCHOOL DANCES

There are some really pretty parts here on campus so for the last couple of weekends we've seen loads of high school coeds all decked out in their dressy attire, taking pictures for their Homecoming dances. I LOVED high school dances. Not necessarily the actual dance part (which seemed like more of an after thought looking back) but finding "the dress," taking the whole day to get ready, having a huge photo-shoot with all your friends and then going out to eat and stuffing ourselves full of nice food. Looking back, high school was never as lame as I thought it was... but I wouldn't do it again if I had the choice!

Prom our Junior Year-

We got fake flowers for this dance and ended up being cool and reusing the same flowers for the remainder of our high school dances, awesome.

classic back-of-the-dress picture, I'm pretty sure this was my mom's favorite dress of mine.

Homecoming Senior year

Zach insisted on suspenders

Senior PROM- baseball was fun and scheduled a double header really far away the same day as prom every single time. I always remember everything being really rushed with the boys that day. By senior year we finally got smart enough to just have one of the mom's make dinner for us instead of trying to fit in reservations.

interesting camera angle...

eek, scandalous

And now. The best picture of all. Freshman homecoming. A few things to note- 1. Zach's arm is broken and so we posed strategically in all pictures to hide it. Now I'm sad because I would like to have that memory of his arm in a cast in picture form. 2. This was on my deck, if you look in between the girl on the far left and the 2nd boy in from the left, you can see Zach's house. 3. All of these boys were in our wedding, and I think they all grew a foot in the meantime.
I love awkwardness...


Nancy Face said...

I LOVE all these dance pictures of the two of you! So cute! :)

MeL said...

You guys are seriously the cutest couple I've seen ever. And i THRIVE on high school awkwardness, especially in relation to dances. I didn't have the luxury of going to all of the dances with my future husband, so I don't know that my pictures will ever surface on the blog, however, know that you were hot, and I the epitome of 2001-2003 awkwardness.