Thursday, September 10, 2009

When did summer ever come?

So FYI our internet/cable has been disconnected.... due to our upcoming move. I really hate it. I feel disconnected from the world. This last weekend was filled with lots of excitement. The Hambo's had their much awaited baby GiRl!!!! Zach's parents came up on Saturday and helped us go through all of our junk. Our new place will have a lot less room so we're having to hone down our crap and bring only the things we really use with us. Sad but invigorating. Their help was HUGE, and it kind of gave us a good kick in the rear to take this move seriously and get a move on it (no pun intended, I'm just that good.) Also, my parents asked if Reagan could spend a couple days with them to give us some packing/Locy-stalking time.

Darling gorgeous Locy Paige....

And the rest of the week has sort of flown by. Oh actually today, a man walked in front of my car and then the car next to me hit him-- propelling the pedestrian high into the air and in front of my car. That was eventful. I needed to pick up Reagan so I left as soon as the man-hitter moved the hittee out of my driving path. But don't worry, I came back to give my eye-witness account. I need to make a mental note to ask my fellow clinical classmate if she zapped him in the ER later that evening. I can kind of claim a sick hand in that learning experience for her. Job well done Ashley.

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Nancy Face said...

YIKES! That car/pedestrian accident is crazy! :0