Sunday, September 27, 2009


We are still alive. We are now washed of our old place and its' creepy yard gnomes forevvvaa. I will not miss being forbidden to draw on our own driveway with sidewalk chalk, being chastised for leaving our garbage cans out past 6 pm on garbage day, toilets that didn't flush, and our daily lectures on why cigarette smoking makes him a better person because he's never touched his angel lips with a drop of alcohol. I will miss the super-sized vegetables that our sweet landlady bestowed upon us often and the fenced in yard. 

The last few weeks have been filled with events that are lacking in the excitement department (hence our poor son has been watching way too many "movies" recently, so that we can get our lives back in order.) Therefore, I have 0 pictures to really make anything of this post so I will leave you with this little goody.

It is a fact that I have had a lengthy love affair with Oreos for some time. One junior high evening, my best friend and I decided to pull out all of the Oreo paraphernalia that just happened to be located in the Meiner pantry. I will give us credit for staging the scene with varying levels of milk-filled glasses and stacks of half eaten Oreos.