Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Say cheese!

So I'm kinda in love with Emily (sorry Ryan) for taking these pictures for us. Her and her hubby got a super nice camera right before their wedding and are really good at playing around with it. Before we left for vacation I asked her if she could take some pictures of our mini-fam once we got to the lake, and thankfully she obliged. We've never had pictures of us 3 taken before, so I'm just drooling over all of these. I'm also happy that we were able to take them at one of our favorite places on earth, you know for sentimental value and all that mushy stuff. Oh, and I"m sorry Emily did not work alone. She had the help of two absolutely fabulous assistants- Lizzie and Grace. But they did not push the stroller because that is not what photography assistants do. She's posted a lot on her blog, and some of these are duplicates, but here are some of my favorites too.

Zach wanted us to take this picture and then have the next one taken of us walking in the direction HE pointed.

For the record, we were both attempting to do a "bell jump" aka leprechaun hop or as I like to call it stab-your-ankles-with-your-dagger-like-heals jig.

Just take a guess at who might have suggested this pose.

I L..O..V..E.. all of the chair pictures!!


Oh those eyebrows

I spy a little boy somewhere in this picture!!

Look at that mop
Loves it.

Ooo someone got head-butted

Now, guess what everyones' gettin' for Christmassss?!


Drew said...

I am pretty sure that I have the cutest nephew on the planet.. Email me the pics of Reagan so I can use one for the background on my laptop!

Sarah'sSmile said...

Beautiful family you have there! Love the pics!

MeL said...

You guys are seriously the most attractive little family I have seen in my life. I think my favorite is the one you titled "Loves it" just because it is so candid. And when you die can I have your legs?

The Young's said...

I LOVE THEM!!!! I especially like the one where Reagan is looking or putting something into Zach's pocket!