Thursday, August 13, 2009

Drew's Birthday

Drewseph, my brother, got another year older August 1st. He turned 19. We did the cake and presents thing at the cabin then a few of us took him out to the casino.    

My brother and my Dad

Here's who went to the Casino: Grandma, Grandpa, Aunt Debbie, Theresa, Emily, Ryan, me, my cousin Michael and his girlfriend Kearstyn, Drew obv., and then Zach actually met us at the casino from Massachusetts (we left for vacation before he got done playing.) I wish my spell check would stop telling me I'm spelling Zach's name wrong already. It's like, haven't I spelled it enough this way- can't you just realize I want it like that?? So, we all got $10 to spend when we signed up for a membership... which we were ALL about. Many people's plan was to only spend that $10... other people did not have that plan.... 

Here we are getting our "Premium Cards" except you can only see Michael in this picture
And I straight up stole these next three from Kearstyn...
Drew and Kearstyn
Drew and his earnings 
And Zach, making fun of Drew, with his consolation prize... raisinettes 

And that was how the north was won.


emily said...

ahha....I noticed this when I looked at the pictures after Kearstyn posted them, but Michael and Drew kinda matched that

Ashley said...



Anonymous said...

Great job Ashley on decorating Drew's birthday cake, and kudos to Aunt Debbie for making her infamous Texas Cake for the occasion -- yummy!

Drew got official "rewards" mail from the casino in the mail this week -- woohoo!

Think Drew's popped collar is contributing to the metro-perception. Mom M