Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dinner, Games, and R's photography

So we've been semi social lately. If it seems like Reid and Sam are our only friends while we are here it's because they probably are. Or they are the only ones who laugh with us, in agreement, when our son is OOC (out of control, and that would be more often than not). 

We've recently introduced them to Sequence. You may recognize it from here.

Luckily they are just as competitive as we are so trash talking is welcomed/expected/required.


Then Zach's bff Tony was in town for an extended weekend because he had his friend Brian and his lady friend Jessie come up from their homes in Texas. We had dinner over at the Gongaware's a couple times, they went into the city for a successful Cubs game one time and then their last day here they came over for dinner at our house. It was our first time meeting this lady friend and we approve, because that matters. 
We played Cranium
And the boys won =(


Photography by Reagan

And to answer your question, yes I can put Reagan's hair in a ponytail.


MeL said...

Reagan + ponytail + lots of chest and top button unbuttoned = highlight of my night. :)

Nancy Face said...

I love the photography by Reagan! His ponytail, too! :)

Anonymous said...

love the whole post! G'ma is going through Reagan withdrawal after getting to spend so much time with him on the roadtrip and vaca.

Ponytail pic -- priceless! Have to agree with Mel above --it wasn't just the ponytail, it was the whole "Make me a supermodel" package look. Mama loves all his curls!!! If you ever cut it, save me a lock of hair! xoxo, Mom M