Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Before the Blog: Vol. 2

So, I started this blog when Reagan was almost 9 months old. Those first few months were major and they were never reported on here! I've been thinking about Reagan as an infant. I can't really remember that time with exact detail-- I was in some type of babyfog where I just was trying to get us both to survive, and so I can never quite grasp just how tiny he was even looking back in pictures. This inspired me to do another installment of.........  Before the Blog! Reagan's first month!!

His birth day...
I DO remember that we were constantly sticking our fingers in his mouth. Usually our pinkies. How unsanitary looking back (don't cringe, hands were always clean... but still.) It was just our sure fire trick to calm him down quickly. 
He always ate well and ate frequently. It seemed like he ate every 2 hours forrreevvverrr. I think this is why he made such a big jump in weight after he was born (he was so teeny tiny at 6 lbs 11 oz).  
He was never really colicky, but he let you know if he didn't like something. Very bossy this child was, such a surprise coming from me ;) He demanded to be bounced, and sitting while do so just wasn't good enough, you needed to stand as well.  
Another thing I remember: he was strong!! I never remember being worried he would hit those milestones that involved activities like lifting his head while laying on his belly.

I also remember that he had really unique skin coloring. The picture above most accurately shows what it was really like. We always thought it looked so much like his great-grandpa Don's (Zach's grandpa) who always had great coloring. He passed away shortly before Reagan was born, and even up until that point he looked very nice. I tried really hard to have Reagan on Grandpa Don's birthday (the 6th). And in fact, I did go into labor that day, but Reagan decided to hold out until the 7th =) 

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