Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Wish list and Hulu

I'll take you...

and you, I'll have Zach make you one day... then you'll fit in my imaginary quaint little guest room swimmingly... 

plus one black antique pedestal floor fan.


There is a form of joy that goes by the name Hulu. It gives me 24/7 access to every single Arrested Development episode, and lets me watch them until my heart is content.

here goes my loving AR montage... in memorium.... 

Halloween Costume  <-- click on it SamHam, your eyes will be pierced with awesomeness.

Reagan now places his hand on my upper arm, looks me dead in the eyes, and in the most serious voice, says; "I need milk mom... Mom, I need my milk." So. I need this shirt, I really need this shirt.

Buster: "Front seat, mom. I sit in the front seat now."


MeL said...

I'm absolutely honored! Seriously, Arrested Development has been a staple in our marriage. We quote it to each other, as well as any other human on the planet that we hope will know what we're talking about, at least once a day. We are thinking that maybe this year for Halloween be same characters, but in different clothes. For example, Tobias when he "blue himself" and Lindsay wearing her "Shemale" shirt.

Nancy Face said...

I've never seen a rug like's GORGEOUS! And the teacup lamp is amazing! :)

I didn't make Sierra's birthday apron. I found it online about 6 months ago!