Thursday, August 13, 2009


We did Mall of America on the way home from the lake last week. Zach (and R too) had never been before so we made a really super quick stop. 
Also, I took a picture of this because it made me laugh. Changing diapers on the back of a car-- sooo classy.
Here is LegoLand:
The rides. And by the way, Reagan is in his pajamas because it was like 10 o'clock at night. 
His favorite! I was a little nervous about this one because it does things like this, see:
But he totally loved it...
And then the meltdown that followed when it was over. 
WHEW!!!!! I think I'm FINALLY caught up! And now who wants to see what my neglected house looks like?


Anonymous said...

And Reagan did great sitting at the Ruby Tuesday's table when we were seated at 10:15 -- WAY past the time any 2 year old would be expected to be "well-behaved". But I don't think he knows he's only 2.......

Somebody asked me if there was any little ones on the vacation for him to play with. Said no, but Reagan doesn't know he's only 2 -- he thinks he can do anything the "big kids" do :)! Mom M.

Nancy Face said...

I wanna go to the Mall of America!

Sara! said...

I think that as long as it's your car that you're changing a diaper on, it's totally allowed.