Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Surprise gift

Monday was Zach and I's anniversary, I pretty much have just resigned to the fact that we would rarely spend an anniversary together since he always has games. Emily and I planned on her coming up and spending the evening with me... I even laid out steaks to defrost and pulled out the (one) table cloth (we own). I mean, obviously I was going to go all out for my "special date."  

Well LOOK who shows up on my doorstep with Emily last night?!?! Zach had the day off and so he caught a quick flight home. Emily was demoted from date to babysitter, but she was a darn good one!
Thanks everyone for your anniversary well wishes, Emily for coming all the way up here (you are THE BEST) and to Aunt Debbie who arranged with our waitress to pay for our meal (true story!!) 

Free childcare + free meal + seeing a husband after 2 weeks = best night evah. 


Chalsey said...

Aww! What a wonderful suprise!

Anonymous said...

Ah - how sweet! And he even shaved off the baseball tuff guy scruff for the occasion - now that's special :0)! Can't believe it's been 2 years already - Happy 2nd Anniversay! And in 11 more days, Emily will join the married club - woohoo! Love, Mom M.

Nancy Face said...

Happy Anniversary! What a great surprise...I'm so happy for you! That picture of you two is super cute! :)

Lauren said...

Happy Anniversary!! So cute!