Tuesday, June 9, 2009

"Our Sole's Desire"

This last weekend me, and some of my cousin Emily's bridesmaids, threw her a bridal shower/bachelorette par-tay. The theme was "Our Sole's Desire" and we had shoes strategically incorporated into the decorations (chuckle, chuckle). I had such a fun time planning everything!

These were the invites...
We rented a hotel room in town that luckily had two king size beds + a 
pull out and a little kitchen. The kitchen was awesome for setting up and storing food and then afterwords everyone could just spend the night there- sleepover style. 

I'll spare you of the lingerie pictures... 

We took the massive conversion van out on the town that night, we were riding in style!!

Some of the girls

 and Michael the driver (Kearstyn came along for the ride too)

 It was a bunch of fun, Emily has really great friends! 


emry said...

thanks soooo much ash! you're the best :)

Nancy Face said...

That par-tay looks AMAZING! Cute invites! Pretty food table! So fun that it was a sleepover, and I can't even believe that huge van! :)