Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Funday

I hope you like my fabulous artwork in our new header. I also did not purposely make my son into a Chip 'n' dale. But, he does look cute doesn't he?! I almost put a bow tie on him but I thought that would be a little over the top and I like to keep things classy you know.

Also. I think that I underestimated how freaky it would be to wake up to a 2-year old breathing in my face. Not knowing how long he's been awake... where he has already been... what he has been doing while I have been sound asleep... I don't think I was fully prepared for this. We've transitioned Reagan to his toddler bed pretty successfully so far. I've heard magical stories
 about kids staying in their beds until the early morning hours and waiting patiently for their parents to come in and get them. Not so much the case for our ray gun. I'm pretty sure he wakes up and just meanders around the house, doing whatever he pleases. Kiiinda scary. 

This is totally and absolutely random. But, when Drew and I were little our parents made us answer the phone with a script that went a little something like this...

ring, ring 

us scrambling... "where's the cordless!?!?" ...  "I don't know, just hit speakerphone!!!"

ring, ring

A or A: "Hello! Meiner Residence this is (insert Ashley or Andrew) speaking." 

caller: may I speak to the master of the house

A or A: "No, I am sorry. They are unavailable at this time. May we take a message?"

Never say they are not home and always write the message on a piece of scrap paper that you'll most likely misplace. They had us trained well! Yes, this is impressive when the child is 6 or 7 but I hated doing it when I was 15. 

UPDATED to add:

After I finished this post I opened up a package my mom had sent and low and behold look what I find...
Baby proofing materials!! What would we do without Grandmas?!


Anonymous said...

Your timing is too good!! True story = Drew was talking to his boss on the phone yesterday, and saying "yes sir" and being generally very polite, etc.

After he hung up, I complimented him on how nice and polite he was on the phone and then told him that many times I'd had other people tell me how polite our kids (now adults) always were on the phone...and that I knew you guys hated it when we made you answer the phone nicely when you were younger...

....and THEN I read your "random" post today about answering the phone......definitely falls into the parental category of "my kids will thank me later" - haha!

And as to the safey items -- this "Grandma" wanted you and Zach to still be able to sleep restfully, so sent a few "sleep-aids". Find the Girl Scout thin mint cookies disguised as a present for you so as to discourage others from eating?

Love, Mom M xoxoxoxo

MeL said...

Okay, I'm totally laughing that you called him a ray gun, because for a while my husband wanted to name a future daughter of our Reagan, and spell it Raygun, thinking he was funny.

Also, maybe it's time to switch the door handle on his door so that the lock is on the outside...I'm pretty sure that isn't against the law or anything, or at least I hope not, since I was fully intending on doing that when I have kids, which is probably the best argument when I say that I'm not ready to have kids, because I think that locking kids in a room is okay.

Sambo said...

I love your little chip-n-dale boy? Oooh la la! :) My parents totally made me do the same thing on the phone too! In fact my mom still debates whether I should have Reid record my voicemail on my cell phone because you don't want anyone knowing a girl is there. Hmmm all adding to the fact that my whole life I have struggled with an adrogenous name and now I am getting why I have always been confused for a boy. Sometimes to my face (7th grade was a bad year). Long post.