Monday, April 6, 2009

First weekend in April

Zach had a nice size crowd for Saturday's games... My grandparents came up for it and so did Zach's parents and sisters! I love when the girls are at the games because they whisk Reagan away and I get to actually watch Zach (gasps). The gramps brought us a lamp for our living room aka the black hole once sun sets and 3 bag of potato chips that gma found on sale. Afterwards, grandma & grandpa headed home and Chris and Kristi took as out to dinner. They decided to spend the night up here, so we took advantage of the hotel pool (same one we played at on Reagan's birthday). Cue the pictures...

3 generations of Williams boys 
Pool time: "Woo hoo! Ooh yeeeaahh...." (currently Reagan's favorite saying)
Luba, Reagan, & Gma Kristi
Those crazy aunts =) Sofie, Reagan & Luba
Only swimming pic that really turned out of my fish

Then of course the next morning they took us out to... where else... Denny's! Such a good weekend, went by way to fast though.

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