Thursday, April 9, 2009

Elizabeth & Luba

Today one of the most awesome people on the face of the earth was born. Her name is Elizabeth, she is now 11, and I am also privileged enough to be her cousin. I'm not sure if I can even capture her personality in words or not... but she is for real, awesome. She is always willing to ham it up and share her crazy-cool, super fly dance moves. True story- last summer on vacation, we spent an entire afternoon just taking photos with a blue gum ball. Her task was to model the gum with different emotions and I'm just going to say it.... she. nailed. it. I would buy that gum ball any day and specifically ask for a blue one. Maybe Emily and I like to see what all she will do and have asked questions that no typical person would ever choose to answer. But no, not Elizabeth, if you ask her (and tell her you won't tell anyone) she'll answer questions like "who do you like better- your mom or dad? If you could only save one of your brothers which would you save and why." Inappropriate and maybe scarring to ask a 9 year old, maybe. Hours of entertainment, Y-E-S. 

Cutest freckles in the world? check!
Prettiest red hair ever? check!
Personality larger than life? Double check!!

Oh yeah, she caught my bouquet at our wedding which made me really happy

Hootie hoo- 11 years Lizzie! you go girl! Love you!!

Tomorrow is my sister-in-law LUBA's birthday!! She turns 17, wow! I can not believe how quickly time goes by. It seems like just yesterday that I was talking to Kristi about getting clothes together to take over to Russia for when they would pick up the gir
ls. A little bit more about Luba...
  • Born & lived in Russia for 12 years
  • She, and her two sisters, joined the Williams' family in October of '05  
  • She was the middle of the 3 girls but has one older sister oversees 
  • Her real first name is Lubov (love)
  • She loves music and clothes and is never afraid to do something crazy with her hair
  • She works at a retirement home where Zach's great-grandma and great-grandpa (not married, different sides in fact) both live. She is a HIT with all of the seniors, they love her vibrant personality and she naturally talks loud so they can always hear her!!  
  • She has THE BEST laugh, you will hear it for miles
  • She is pretty much amazing when you think about everything she has accomplished in these few short years that the girls have been here; learning English, attending totally new schools (where no one speaks your language, not even the ESL programs) and hardly being behind at all, making friends in a new country, missions trips and conferences for Church and she just got her driver's permit! WOW.
On the Dominican Republic missions trip
Oh yeah and she loves to sleep!

Hope you have a wonderful birthday Luba! Love ya!!

Hope everyone has a fantastical weekend. We're going home and I am very excited for our busy family-filled next few days!!    =)

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