Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Em's Shower

Don't want to put up too many pictures that Emily might post, but got a couple she might not have from the "big day" last Saturday =)

Grace modeling the table
That one time when Uncle Bob brought in the biggest dog I've ever seen
Relay races
Elizabeth's fantastic speech... the one she used when she tried out for Student Council (????) I was literally crying I was laughing so hard
Reagan and his cousin Callie became good friends and conned whoever they could into giving them rides in a wheel chair (it was no one's who was at the actual party, the boys found it somewhere at St. Mary's)
And I know Rhys took them on a couple "rides" too

Girrrrls, Grace has really good posture in this picture

Zach had a double header so he couldn't be there
The End

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Nancy Face said...

That dog looks like a horse to me! ;)

I love your blog header! :)