Monday, April 20, 2009

Easter pics a week late

Here are a few pictures from Easter morning last Sunday. Since we were home last weekend for Em's shower we spent the night at my parent's house, went to church with Zach's parents and then headed up to Easter at Uncle Bob and Aunt B's house.

Tools puzzle that he loves. I caught him using the wooden flat head screw driver on his new child-proof door lock this morning. It took a Philips suckaaa. 


He got a new neeen (green) choo choo. If he is not running around like a mad man, he is playing with some form of transportation toy down on the ground like this. He likes to "be on their level."

Parents aren't supposed to be in holiday morning pictures right?  This would be the reason why. We are just too attractive to be photographed. 

I think Zach and Drew plan on eloping to Iowa soon.  

Perfect example of Reagan's fake crying. His face. Oh my.  

And then cue a picture of my camera dying.... my mom got some good ones of the Easter egg hunt at Bob & B's that I'll try to get from her. 

**Edited to add pics**

When we crammed into the attic to watch old home videos, there's about 6 more people that you can't see


Sam said...

What I love the best from your pics is that you are holding a half eaten Easter themed Reeses Egg! Am I right, did the Easter bunny visit you too you lucky girl! :)

Anonymous said...

Ah, Very observant Mom-to-be Sam! You will be very happy to know that the Easter Bunny still delivers Reeses Eggs to Moms too! Be sure to pass that along to the Father-to-be, so he can provide the necessary assistance to EB.

If you look real close at the last 3 pics, they actually show the progressive disappearance of "the" Egg. 1st of the last 3 shows half of the egg remaining, 2nd has another bite out of it and notice Zach smiling with teeth showing (Drew's snuggling could be contributing to the smile)...but in the 3rd pic, the Reeses egg is GONE. Hmm, where did it go? Hint: Zach is now smiling without showing any teeth.......Mom M

Nancy Face said...

Reagan's pictures are so cute and fun...yours, too! You got good stuff in your Easter basket, and I also noticed that Reese's egg...I'm jealous! ;)

Ashley said...

LOL and it's like 8 o'clock in the morning. Isn't Easter like Valentine's day in that you can eat chocolate at any time during the day?

I also forgot to mention all of our baskets, they are probably the best part. We couldn't find our normal Easter baskets since we're prepared and all and looked for them the morning of, so we scavenged the house and found ones such as... their bread basket and their remote basket.