Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pawley's Island

The pier down by Myrtle Beach: This was Reagan's first time seeing the ocean, as you can tell he wasn't scared at all! He kept pulling me closer and closer to the railing. Story- the genius next to us caught little baby shark, then posed for a picture with the sign "No Shark Fishing" right behind him.
Beach pics: {in no particular order} I'm sure you can tell by the overcast weather that it wasn't necessarily warm while we were there. Reagan could have cared less, he took on the beach in whatever condition it was in. I know it doesn't make much sense to have him wearing a coat while playing in the water. 

Here he was so wiped out he let me change his whole outfit while he was asleep. We pushed two twins together while we were at the condo, and Reagan and I slept together. I don't know if he has seen Zach do this or what, but he kept making me lay my head on his shoulder (with his biceps under my neck... get the visual?) when he was trying to fall asleep. Like a little man!  

Oh he's ticked about something here...

Some randoms...

We went to a Japanese restaurant one night. We kept him busy by letting him play with about 5 sets of chopsticks (#1 mom). Go figure, he gets his first splinter. Grandpa and I performed surgery the next day. I was surprised at how good Reagan was during all of it!
He liked playing out on the deck so much we never put out the furniture. Then here (below it), Reagan fell asleep while we were shopping at TJ, grandma and I tried to make him comfortable. 

Broken Oak at Litchfield Plantation: I love this tree, we stopped by it one day to get pictures by it. 
True Blue's clubhouse where the condo is at

In summary, the trip was FaNtAsTiC. Thank you so much Grandma & Grandpa for treating us to such a fun week! We L-oh-ve-eed it! Miss you guys already.

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Anonymous said...

Love all the great pics!

1) These posts bring back so many fun memories of beach trips with you and Drew and my folks -- so much fun!

2) no big surprise on the TJMaxx photo........funny how you screened out the "buggy" (shopping cart in the south) overflowing with clothes to try on. Break any new records on the number of TJ's visited in one week? Think G'ma holds the world record :)!

3) Think R has gills instead of lungs -- he is such a fish! Maybe Aunt Stephanie could give him swim lessons?

xoxo, Mom M/Mama