Sunday, March 22, 2009

Let's Play A Game

Let's play a game called clean out the pictures in Ashley's phone and see what we find! Some pictures might be old some might be new.

Should be fun, let's get started.
Tongue directly on the fan blades.
To state the obvious, here Reagan was sleeping and Zach was eating.
Oh why yes, that is a condom in my desk at school. True story: as I reached my hand into the cubby at desk last week, I grabbed neither my pop-tart nor my cell phone. The two items I had put in. Much to my surprise, I found that little goody in my hand. Gross, gross and double gross. 
Couldn't find Reagan, heard some giggling, looked behind the bed... and look what I found! Who knew he could even fit back there?
The day he only wanted to wear socks, shoes, and occasionally a winter coat.
Grandma M are you proud? As soon as Aunt Debbie saw me drinking this she busted out laughing and called me "Grandma." I always remember the grandkids asking Gma for some of her "special water." 
Riding our tasteful yard gnomes

By the way, Reagan and I are off to the Carolina's to visit my Grandparents this week. I can not wait!!!!!! When my brother and I were young we would always go down and visit my grandparents for our spring break. It was so exciting to travel by ourselves, my mom would get severe panic attacks/nausea/sweating of the palms the night before and the day we were flying but that's a different story. We loved it-- Myrtle Beach, golfing, Japanese food, Shirley Temples, WARM WEATHER, we did it all =) Now Reagan gets to... I am SO excited! 

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Anonymous said...

So......I know he went to the beach, and had Japanese food, and all kinds of other fun stuff...did he have his first Shirley Temple (or Sprite with grenadine as you NOW have to order them since you've become a grown-up, but still love them?) Tell him Mama can't wait to see him! (and you & Z too, of course :), xoxo, Mom M