Friday, March 13, 2009

Since you've been gone...

Dear Zach,

Since you've been living it up, playing in Florida the last week (and not really doing so hot), a lot has been going on here. First of all, I've been maintaining the home. Probably not as clean as if you were here but... I did mop the floor this afternoon so go me. I've been studying a lot and it hasn't really been paying off. I've also begun to understand why you insist on sleeping on the side of the bed closest to the door. 

Um, let's see... Reagan has officially jumped into the terrible two's stage, cannon-ball style. He has mastered the "throw himself on the floor-and go limp" technique and exercises it mostly in public places where he has the biggest audience. He has also gained confidence in his "pooping after being put into bed as to postpone bedtime" routine. Don't most children just ask for a drink of water or another bedtime story? I am half impressed by his ability to poop on command, something you would be proud of I'm sure. 

Oh, I've become allergic to the metal in my wedding ring. So that's fun. I especially like how my skin is pealing off and becoming raw-like. 

On a positive note, and perhaps the best news of the year; Reagan has started saying "love you" and occasionally will do it without prompting! It. is. awesome.

Reagan just woke up, he was disoriented and I felt bad and so he's now tucked snugly into our bed. Looks like I'm going to have some company tonight. I secretly don't really mind though. Except he kicks me in the face a lot.

Just a couple more days, see you soon!

Love, Ash


Anonymous said...

Uh, did Zach mention yet that if you'd went thru with the matching wedding ring tattoo, it would be no big deal to go ring-less for a few days? :)

Pooping on command. Now there's a talent that's hard for even a gma to be proud of - haha!

You know what they say about payback? YOU were the worst bed-kicker EVER.....EVER! Somehow your head always ended up at the wrong end of the bed....and then of course, your feet were within perfect striking range of someone's face. Usually mine. Yes, your toes were probably pointed as they always were, or would probably have hurt worse. :)
xoxo Mom M.

Ashley said...

Yes, he did say that!

I know nothing of this "bed-kicking" you speak of.