Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sammy-Kate & Ashley

Sam came over last night, bearing gifts of Sonic and chick flick. She opened my eyes to the cherry, vanilla Dr. Pepper, mmmm. We let Reagan run around pant-less & panty-less for a little while before it was time to put him down to bed. Poor child, his bum is so sore (teething). Sam said he looked like a red-butted baboon. So true =( 
And did I mention that, being the coolest people ever, we secretly planned through telekinesis to wear the same thing? We are basically the most hardcore JU baseball wives, we even rep. the team when they're not here and when we're not at an actual game. (Hopefully you got the twin reference in the title)

Then to capitalize on the coincidence of us matching, we had a photo shoot... 
Um, sick on my part

By the way, Sam is in her 2nd trimester... doesn't she look P*H*A*T?? Honestly, she'll pretty much be the cutest prego girl ever.

And I'll leave you with this...
I lied. I'll also leave you with this little piece of advice... Vicki Christina Barcelona will make you super uncomfortable to watch and your husband would probably make you turn it off about half way through if he was with you.

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