Wednesday, January 14, 2009


My friend Whitney mentally keeps an "over-rated" list. Naming a few of hers: Ugg Boots, Miley Cyrus, Pot Belly Restaurant, being 21, having a gym membership, MySpace, the Superbowl... To expand on her idea, here are some of mine:
  • Mexican Food
  • Jim Carrey
  • Headaches (but NOT your wife's remedy)
  • American Idol
  • Pies
  • Pack n' Play rules

  • Shaving your legs
  • Getting splashed
  • Saying "for real?" or worse yet, "for serious?"
  • Giving up pop as your new years resolution
  • Wearing socks in the winter (see above)
  • Zach says, living in the North. Yes, we get to see all four seasons but at what price? Our extremities?
  • The words; moist, public, and thwart

And things that I think will never be over-rated:

  • Whitney's were: hanging out with friends, Coldstone Ice Cream, classic Disney movies, Christmastime, frozen pizzas (I'll add, frozen Tomb Stone pizzas), and J&K+8. 
  • The following tv shows: Dog the Bounty Hunter, First 48, Family Guy (apparently I am a boy)
  • Making chocolate chip cookies with your son
  • Stretch marks
  • The lake and all boating activities
  • Determination
  • Weddings (and associated showers)
  • Babies (and associated showers)
  • Drinking yogurt and those dreamy, get-lost-in, eyes
  • Old dance videos
  • Long hair
  • High fives
  • {Pantless} vacuum rides
  • Chex Mix & BBQ potato chips
  • The Cubs (Zach added that)
  • Cheesy poses for pictures 

Conclusion: In Whitney's words, "I'm glad to have a friend that appreciates and can understand my random opinions in life." I agree, most are irrational but that is what makes them so good.

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Sam said...

I totally agree with your PUBLIC show of over-rateds! Reid and I are sick of the MOIST Northern weather and hope our plans to move to Hawaii aren't THWARTED. (Yeah I'm that good :) ) Hope to see you soon, and I promise tonight I will post Dirty Dancing pics!