Monday, January 5, 2009

Other things that happened over break

I feel like I have lots of stories from over break but my camera was lost most of the time so I don't really have any pictures to go with and who wants to just read words? I know most people just scan down looking at all the pictures and then go back later and read the words. I may
 know this because I as well commit the scanning crime and I don't want to disappoint!

We had an awful bellboy before we left, my husband ended up loading most of our suitcases himself because the boy couldn't reach the trunk. He was awful... awfully cute :)

~*Christmas Caroling 2008*~

My uncle Bob and Aunt B organized a Christmas Caroling extravaganza mid-December. A whole bunch of their friends and family got together and went caroling at nursing homes, select individuals' houses and a special appearance at the Elks Club, which was not at all
 embarrassing. We even evoked tears from Audrey, my grandparents' longtime next-door-
neighbor. I wonder if anyone called her to let her know we were coming? Everyone agreed we were sounding better (and getting a little more comfortable) by the end of the night. Gpa was the designated driver of the "tour bus," aka the motor home. 

Here we are rehearsing before-hand with our sheet music. Uncle Bob faithfully played the role of Santa all night. 
Bus driver Bob (Oh no. A Doodlebops reference.)
Riding a little snug
Creeper Zach on the side

And this was the night my camera was unfortunately lost. After the missing cameras report was filed my Grandpa headed the search party. After searching the motor home 3 times, along with search volunteer Uncle Curt looking as well, it was found under the couch.
Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Hallelujahhhhh.

Skip a few weeks and we're back home! 

Upon return our landlords delivered these homemade goodies to our doorstep! YUM.

I was really excited about this, these were serving plates that we got over Christmas that match our everyday plates to the T.
Thank you Ken, Christen, David & Melissa!

To wrap it up, Reagan learned a few things over break as well. Some stand outs were that--
} He learned to eat an apple completely whole. This talent ah-mazed Zach and I for some reason. You would not believe the amount of pictures and videos we have of him seriously j
ust eating an apple. He can say apple as well, followed by a "peeeez" which makes it impossible to turn down. } And he can walk up the stairs like an adult. Not climbing on his hands or knees and not using the railing either (EEK!). He wants to do the same thing coming down the stairs which is really freaking me out!

} And this is my most favorite: over break he was able to see ALL of his grandparents and call them by their names. Well he wasn't like "Hey Darlene" or anything, I mean he could correctly identify them as mama, papa, etc. Fun! 

Man, can I just say I strongly dislike (hate) the year 2009. It's nothing personal, it may be just because I don't like odd numbers so 2009 sounds awkward to me. I prefer '08. Zach makes fun of me because I can't stand certain ages. Such as: 15, 19, 23, 33... they all just sound like awkward stages in life.  Also one more thing, they put up Zach's player profile up on the website and it cracked me up. 1) because they got his birthdate and his height wrong and completely left out one college he went to but 2) because his number is "9". I do think the picture is highly attractive though :)


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Funny how you hate almost all odd ages except for the age of "21"......wonder why.