Monday, January 5, 2009

Extreme Bedroom Makeover

Over Christmas break my parents had us "makeover" their master bedroom. I think it is the only room in their whole house that they never painted or really decorated (they've lived here for over a decade now) and that's just wrong. The bedroom should be your sanctuary and retreat, at least that's what Oprah says. So we set out to do something 'bout that.

Brace yourself, this is going to be a photojournalistic recap (aka a buttload of pictures)...

Here is a pic of my Dad from yesteryear...
"Aw, shucks" was he not the cutest little boy?? What happened...? Just kidding!!

And here is my mom...

Oh wait, no that's my dad again...

Here's my mom... (go ISU's Redline Express)


And THIS is the inspiration for the room!


As we were cleaning I found my dad's "Number 1 Dad" medal, and then I promptly demanded him to sport it for the sake of a picture.
Me pretending like I was helping move the furniture. And that picture should be censored, check out my dad. And yes, he did that on purpose.

We mostly provided manual labor. And by 'we' I mean Zach.
Zach and Drew cutting some wood

I had to take a picture of this massive bundle of wood. Zach went to the wood shop to pick this up in our CAR. I have no earthly idea how he drove home with it or how they finagled a way to get it in there. In his words, "I'm not going to lie, it was kind of ridiculous." 
Taping off the bathroom. 

I am hot. Check out that hot mess of a hair do
A couple things to look out for in this video... Reagan says "pleeeeease" in the very, very beginning; fists pounding together means "more"; and at the end he tells me bye-bye so that they can keep playing because as the mom I am always the fun-ruiner.
We tried to finish everything the night before Christmas eve and it just seemed like everything was going wrong. This fan took close to 4 hours to put up, then after all the hype was built up we flipped the switch and NOTHING happened. What a buzz-killer. We put up lights in the
 bathroom; flipped the switch... and they were two different light fixtures (what the!); tried to mount the tv on the wall... we needed to order a special part for it to work. Zach ended up calling it a night and things went much more smoothly the next day.

{The Big Reveal}

We wanted my parents to wake up in the new room Christmas morning, that meant that we had to "reveal" it to them when we finished it Christmas eve. Which was 3 am. Some things weren't completely finished, not everything was hung on the walls (like the tv) but they still got the jist.

And here is a video of finished product, sorry it's kind of dark.

Ta Da


Trish said...

Wow. That looks awesome. Want to come do our house next? LOL!

Erin Tales said...

Awesome job!!!

Cher said...

Wow! How nice of you! I gave my mom a robe and nightgown and my dad a turkey fryer.

Ashley said...

Aw, thanks!!!!

Nancy Face said...

It looks just gorgeous! I absolutely love the wainscoting! :)