Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas '08

Here we all are at my dad's parent's. We had Christmas in the basement this year which was really fun!
Grandpa has always had this thing for bean bag chairs and unfortunately the old leaky, yellow, velvet one was thrown out a while ago by Grandma. Through her protesting, Grandpa bravely added "bean bag chair" to his Christmas list this year. (I'm the baby asian to his left, Emily is on his right)
And voila! The grandkids delivered this one to him :)
When we got home we finished opening presents. Zach got me tickets to see Dirty Dancing in Chicago!!
One of Zach's presents that I got him were these snazzy shoes. He was probably the most excited about these.
Here's a close up. Heck yeah, those are velcro! Love those Wal-Mart specials!
One of Reagan's Christmas presents was a little play dough kit. At school they comment on how they try to get him to do the art projects but he has zero interest in them... well duh, maybe because he doesn't do anything like that at home (or because he's just a boy)! We tried this out yesterday morning and he really enjoyed it. And yes, he did get a hair cut and it has made him jump to the age of 12.
Grandma and Grandpa Shadoan arrived safely last night!! And I have a very important announcement to make. They are now.......... the new parents.......... of............. A BLOG!!!! They can be followed at
And, that would make the name of their site- Golfin' Gramps. Welcome guys!
Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!


Sam said...

Ashley, I can't wait for our date! It will be so romantic :) Also I have to tell you that Reid and I have something in common with Zach, check out our post from about a year ago called Manoa Fall Hike (something like that).

Nancy Face said...

Yay for Grandpa's bean bag chair...and Dirty Dancing tickets...and snazzy velcro shoes! ;)

GREAT pictures! :D