Thursday, December 4, 2008

December Birthday!!

Today is my father-in-law CHRIS's birthday!!!!

In honor of him, I thought we should all learn a little bit more about this very special individual...

How old will you be today? 47

What is your favorite movie? National Lampoon's "Vacation" or "Christmas Vacation" (I'm sooo deep)

Who is your favorite son? Zach, hands down, no question.

What are you glad that you taught Zach when he was young? To care about others and to love God (that he did indeed)

Name your favorite tool and relate it to life- Sawzall or better yet... Chainsaw (like a Binford 6000 Chainsaw) ... nothing cuts through the crap like a chainsaw. Zach said one time that he likes to watch "Tool Time" because it reminds him of me... funny thing is... it used to remind me of my dad. It was one of his favorite shows too. Incidentally, his dad cut his leg with a chainsaw... but I digress. (Did I relate it to life OK?)

What is your most favorite-ist place you've gone in the world so far? Cancun. Second would be Sydney, Australia. 

Name three things on your to-do list today-
1) De-ice a plane at 4:00 am
2) Go talk to a friend about his troubles and put him in touch with another friend who can help
3) Have lunch with the love of my life, Kristi (who is also my wife) while we talk about our kids and grandkids.

What is on your bucket list? To truly understand JOY (just scratching the surface) and
 to understand my purpose.

What is the first word that comes to your mind when I saw the word.... shag? (*that was Zach's idea) The shag carpeting we lived on for most of my growing up years. Actually we have an area rug that is just like the one my parent's had, in our living room now... on purpose. By the way, just kidding... it's that other SHAGadellic thing that any guy would think of first :) 

Make up a word of your own and give it's definition- YECHnology: The science of changing everyday gadgets  into Space Age marvels that even 47 year-olds can figure out with out the help of their children. None of us read the manuals, by the way.

I am so grateful and lucky to have Chris as my father in law. I can't imagine a better person, husband, and father for Zach to have as an example. He knows when to give advice and when to let us figure things out on our own. A lot of people know that Chris is awesome at building all things build-able, but some might not know that in his "younger" days he played in a band called "Wildwood" which opened up for Tim McGraw. (Zach told me this story (from when he was really young) about taking a pop from the tour bus and trying to drink it, then realizing after he had it in his mouth/swallowed it realized it was the make-shift ash/bud container. Sick!! It must be a habit of his b/c yesterday he accidentally drank my flem pop... a pop I left in my car that I spit luggies into. Now you know I'm sick and my husband is sicker. You're welcome for that little piece of knowledge.) Now Chris plays base (or is it spelled bass?)  for the church! 

Him and Zach could spend hours talking on the phone or chatting it up at their favorite hot spot-- Denny's!! Zach calls his dad for advice on something at least once a week, or if it's during a handyman project... about once every 20 minutes!! hahaha-- it's the total truth. Chris is so much like his dad, we all miss him so much. Zach and his dad love to reminisce about Grandpa Don and every now and then after Zach gets off the phone with his dad he always comments on how much his dad reminds him of his grandpa. Thanks for everything!!! We love you SOOO much!!


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Nancy Face said...

Your father-in-law really sounds great! I will be his same age at the end of February...lucky me, haha! ;)

I was so excited to learn about flem and luggies, HAHAHA! :D