Sunday, November 30, 2008

Tony is legal

I generally always think I am Zach's bestest friend, but sometimes I really do have to compete with this guy...

Tony turns 21 tah-day!!! I told you November was the best month. He has been such an awesome friend to Zach. Even though Zach was only at Olivet for 1 year, so many amazing things came from that place. It is true there is a divine plan behind everything. Anyway, Tony's friendship came from Olivet.
Sometimes these two can just go off in their own little world and entertain themselves forever. For example; they spent hours late one night practicing the "cups" game. Below Zach is demonstrating how it's done, and Tony is timing him with his phone.

Tony also spoke at our wedding and did an awesome job. He also kept Zach company the night before our wedding in theory to calm his nerves... Zach said he spent most of the night saying things like "wow, this is the last time you'll do _________ without being married." Fill in the blank with things like; eat a sandwich, brush your teeth, etc.

We're sad that we aren't at the same school anymore but luckily we are only a half hour away from his parent's house so we get to steal him for a little bit when he visits home. I don't know if I've ever met someone so much like Zach but yet so complimentary to him at the same time. Anyway, I know Zach is extremely grateful to have Tony as his bestie :)

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