Monday, November 24, 2008

Scott & Jess' Wedding!

We went home this last weekend to go to Jessica and Scott's wedding!

On the road, and ready to go. (lovin' that middle part!!) Zach's parent's watched Reagan for us Saturday night, I know he had so much fun!
The ceremony was so beautiful! I really love weddings. It was in the same church Zach and I got married in :)

Beautiful dress, beautiful bride. I felt really stalker-y taking this picture without her knowing.

First of all, Jess is just the classiest lady ever. She is reserved and elegant and beautiful, her wedding was the perfect reflection of her. My most favorite part was these trees that you walked through to enter the reception-- gorgeous!!
The boys
Drew and Lauren

Dad & Mom
I love this picture because it captures their reactions perfectly. Drew had just laid a big wet one on Zach's cheek. For what reason, I don't know. But it made me laugh for a good 5 minutes.
Belting it out... 
Coolest table at the reception

What is the point of even trying to get a normal picture of them?!

One of the best parts of the night was getting to spend time with one my most favorite friends- Whitney!!!   

I will say that Zach totally complies with my requests to dance at wedding receptions. Dang it, I wish the lights weren't on top of his forehead in this picture.
You can't see that I'm making him pose with his feet kicked up to the back...
And then Sunday night before we left, Reagan was waiting by the front door for "Papa" to get home so we could tell him goodbye.
Sorry, I just realized there are a bajillion pictures in this post!

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