Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Best Birthday Present EVER!!!

Zach worked so hard on my birthday present this last month, I am blown away by how great of a job he did!! We couldn't bring it up with us this past Sunday, but Grandma and Grandpa were nice enough to make the trip up tonight and bring it with them!

This is our retro basement... the before pic....
And a little in between :)
They also took us out for a really yuumy dinner before they headed back home. 
Thank you guys so much for coming up! I am soooo excited to have my desk here and all set up. Thanks for alllll the help!!! Glad you were able to finally able to see our humble abode.

Okay and here are some more of the "finished" pics, but they're not really finished because things aren't hung on the walls, they are just sort of placed on top of the desk underneath where they will hang. I think you get the idea. By the way, Zach came up with this idea ALL on his own. Can you believe my husband is so handy??? I think he surprised himself a little too. Z did the construction (with a little help from his Dad) and my mom was in charge of the "accessorizing." 

Oh you know just turning on my magnifying light.

Huh, you say you need something from this drawer? Sure! No problamo.
I do have small hands in real life, but they are not as freakishly small as this picture suggests.
Zach's afro's lifespan is T minus 2 days.
I said "do your proud face," he must have heard, "do your gay face."
YAY!! I <3 my handy man
And this is the other side of the basement where Reagan will be playing while I'm playing on the other side :) Perfection!
The END.


emry said...

I LOVE it!!!! Oh and Ryan's afro just left yesterday and I was THRILLED!! ahaha....

Sam said...

I can't wait to see this beautiful creation! I bet your landlord can't wait to use it when you're not there, because you leave the doors unlocked so much :) Hope to see you guys soon!

Nancy Face said...

WOW! I can't even believe how amazingly wonderful everything is! I am so happy for you! :D