Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Day

Well today my hubby and I turn the big 2-1!! Woot Woot.

21 Things about my husband:

1. He cried more than I did during our wedding.... heck he was crying before I even came out! I never feel embarrassed when I cry during movies because Zach is usually tearing up right next to me :)
(during our wedding rehearsal)

2. He is very musical. Zach can play the guitar, the drums and sing. The picture below was my first Mother's Day. He wrote a song for all of the "mom's" in his family, got us all together and sang it to us. It was so sweet and memorable!

3. He loves to encourage me whether it is to get back into dancing, or practice sewing or catering to my crafting desires-- like the desk he just made me for my birthday! He has great ideas too, and likes to throw in his 2 cents into all of my projects. We made all of our wedding invitations ourselves, here he is helping us make the invites!
4. This is his 3rd college in 3 years! The first year Reagan was born he went to ONU which was about an hour and a half away. He came home every single weekend, even during baseball season (which seems like it is all year round). I went up there a few times too, that's what these pictures are from. Reagan's very first baseball game! I hadn't even gone back to work yet so he had to be less a month old.

Their spring trip to Florida was 2 weeks after Reagan was born, Zach was dying (absolutely dying) to get back to see us. You can see he was still in his travel uniform. Second year he transferred back home to a community college to be closer to home.

And NOW, we're here!

5) A lot of people know he plays baseball but he's pretty much played every other sport as well! He was the first person in our high school to play 4 sports in one year (that means he played 2 at the same time!) The athletic department made a special award for him our senior year because he played the most sports ever and received the most Varsity letters in our school's history.

6) He wants us to live in an old house and renovate it SO bad.

7) I think he is really attractive and he takes really good pictures.

8) Except for this one... I laugh out loud every time I see it... which is why I love him because he's not mad that I'm laughing at him. Something about his mouth, just cracks me up because I can see him about to talk or laugh... and then- click, they take the picture.

9) Is extremely proud that he is older than me (he was born around 7 am and I was born at 10 pm). In his words, "I view it as the first race I ever competed in, and I won." Our moms were at the hospital at the same time but Zach was a week early and I was 2 weeks late (true to form).

10) He is most likely double majoring in Business and Christian Education.

11) He is an awesome leader for our family, and takes his job very seriously.

12) He was kicked out of his day care when he was little and he did it on purpose because he didn't like the teacher.

13) He was the first person to change Reagan's diaper.

14) He has 3 tattoos. One on his left boob, his right shoulder and he has his wedding ring tattoo'ed under his regular ring. (I was supposed to get mine too but... yeah... I chickened out after he got his... another story for another day-- or not) And I was with him for all three. He will not be getting any more. Period.

15) He's left handed (but throws right)

16) Zach picked out "our song" when we were in 7th grade. It is the ever-classy and timeless "All My Life" by KC & JoJo. Since we love 90s R&B.... (sarcasm)

17) He is much nicer to me than I am to him. I know it's hard to believe, but I can really be unpleasant and moody. Zach truly does everything he possibly can to make me happy, he cares so much and always has the big picture in mind.
18) He is a sucker for baked goods. I don't want to say Zach has a sweet tooth because he's not all about the candy part, he just really has a weakness for goodies that are baked. Above he is helping me make a cherry pie.

19) He has to sleep with a fan blowing on his face. Not an over head fan, for gosh sake! A fan sitting on his nightstand blowing directly on his face so that no one else can ever sleep for the shear noise of the fan.

20) Zach is obsessed with (ice cold) milk, and always has been. We go through close to 5 gallons of milk a week and it's ridiculous.

21) I know this is a given, but Zach really is a great father. He has so much love for Reagan I know it must feel like his heart is just going to burst open. He has grown to become some an awesome dad, Reagan loves him so much. They are just the best of buds but yet he can discipline him at the same time, he finds a great balance.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you!!
Everyone needs to check out Emily's blog now, it totally made my day!!


emry said...

Happy Birthday Guys!! Love you!!

Sam said...

Happy B-day belated! Love, The Hambos

Nancy Face said...

Happy birthday to BOTH of you! It is really so awesome that you share your birthdays! I really loved reading this post and seeing all the pictures...it was just great! :D