Friday, November 14, 2008

Kiss the Cook

Zach insisted on cooking dinner all by himself the other night. I took a picture to document this monumental event. But seriously, he did a really good job! He made these pepperoni and mozzarella stuffed chicken things out of one of my cookbooks. I was really impressed! It was funny because he kept getting confused or second guessing himself while doing the preparation and he would start to ask me for help... but he was so adamant on doing it ALL by himself he would stop himself short, huff, and go "no, no, I can do it..." He said he really enjoyed doing it, so we'll see how often this happens again. 
The next day he made me some lunch... and just to spice up the yogurt coated grapes me made me, he added some green food coloring. How appetizing?

What's that?! Reagan sleeping in the bed we've had set up in his room for 4 months?! You betcha! You can believe your eyes. And I didn't even cheat and move him there after he had already fallen asleep.

And this is for Uncle Barry...  

So long for the weekend, we're going back home to celebrate some days of birth!!

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