Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cookies Galore

Man, I've really sucked it up with keeping the blog up to date recently! My sincerest apologies. But we've had a good excuse, school was kicking our butts the last few weeks. That was seriously the hardest semester of my life! I'm so glad I wasn't working and could just focus on school otherwise I don't think I could have done it and kept up with all my motherly and wifely duties. But now that finals are over and we're home (until after Christmas!) I think it's time to celebrate and post some pictures of our Christmas cookie party this afternoon!

 My cousins... {Grace, Elizabeth, & Emily}

Aunt B and Grace (I think it's funny that Grace is so teeny tiny she can still be held like his!)

My Aunt Debbie helping me make my first batch of fudge, mmmm....
Tasting the fudge-spoon (look at Debbie, B and Elizabeth's hands in this picture, funny)
Wow, what a great "poof" in your hair Grace! It must have taken you at least a day to get it to look like that!

Emily's OCD reindeer. Seriously though, I think she won the "most creative" award. They were impressive... no. "Incredible."

Love Elizabeth's gingerbread man

Emily helped Reagan decorate a cookie, it had the works on it!

 Apparently we used to do this when Emily and I were little. Today we made chocolate kiss blossoms, sugar cookies, seven-layer bars, mint bark, fudge, and peppermint cookies... I think, there might have been more, I'm not sure. Anyway, we had such a good and yummy time and if anyone needs to raise their insulin levels (Lauren!)-- see me. This was just the portion my mom and I kept after we all divided up the baked goods...

Lastly, The Bucket List is sad. We watched it tonight. We should have listened when Drew told us that he watched it, alone and in the middle of the night, and cried silently to himself.

COMING SOON: Christmas Caroling pictures

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Nancy Face said...

The cookies look fantastic! I love all the great pictures, and the matchy hands in that one picture are funny! Looks like SOOO much fun! :D

We always bake like crazy for our friends and neighbors, but we haven't started yet because I've got a nasty cold! Foolish! :P