Thursday, September 11, 2008

3 Things

I decided to do this tag thing... 

First I'll post my answers, then I'll make Zach do it and post his after mine... but he won't have read my answers yet, hehehe... hope this isn't lame!

10 years ago...
1) I had been living in Illinois for a little less than a year and met Zach in 4th grade
2) Met Zach in 4th grade!
3) I started dancing at Stacy's Dance Factory and participated in such gems as "Who is it?" and "Me Ol' Bamboo". I made up a ridiculously long solo too a Grease Lightning Medley and convinced my mom and Stacia to let me do it in public.

3 things on today's "To Do" list
1) Wash the dishes (did it)
2) Try not to eat so poorly (FAILED)
3) Study for Biology quiz (doing this quiz instead)

3 snacks I enjoy
1) Oreos
2) Peanut butter M&M's
3) Dove candies 

3 people you "aren't crazy about" 
1) the trainer Zach is complaining about right now
2) Satan
3) my Biology teacher

3 of your favorite things about Reagan
1) How "chill" he is after he wakes up from naps
2) How he turns everything into a car (complete with car noise)
3) If I ask him to show me his belly button he flashes me "Girls Gone Wild"-like

3 of your favorite things about your spouse
1) He likes The Office just as much as I do (and has a non sexual-man crush on Jim Halpert)
2) He actually likes (pretends to like) the things I cook
3) Giving him a hug really does make him feel better

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