Thursday, September 11, 2008

3 Things (Zach's version)

10 years ago...
I set the goal of getting my college paid for.  
Met Ashley for the first time.
But Seth told me she was too short... eehhh...

3 things on today's "To Do" list
Get up with Reagan before Ash yells at me.
Make it to all my classes on time and be prepared.
Get better at practice.

3 snacks I enjoy
PJ sandwich
Ash's homemade chocolate chip cookies and ice cold skim milk
fruit snacks, or nutterbutters

3 people you "aren't crazy about" 
Cardinal Fans
Judson's Trainor
3 of your favorite things about Reagan
I love the way that he loves his mommy.
I love his energy and facial expressions.
I love watching him learn and understand more things going on around him.
My absolute favorite thing is that he lets me hug him tight and sing to him; he lays in my arms and lets me hold and protect him.

3 of your favorite things about your spouse
She wants to be modest, but still can't help being sexy.
She's smarter than me.
She loves both me and my son UNCONDITIONALLY.

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