Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Weekend in Review

This weekend was pretty busy! 

Friday, I finally picked up my Starter Kit from Mary Kay and I had my orientation the next day so I studied my little tush off that night so I could impress my Director with my knowledge of things such as the Mary Kay Ash and make-up application techniques. Of course the first question she asks when we meet is what color eye shadow I am wearing and I can't even answer that... Oh and Zach, Reagan and I went on a bike ride which was really nice because our trail we go (because we go so often *sarcasm*) is all down hill on the way there, then completely uphill the whole way back. So most of the way back consists of me pushing my bike (with Reagan on it, mind you!), panting and cursing while I trip myself with the bike pedals repeatedly. And Zach fiddling around behind me making not-so-subtle remarks like "wow, it's really hard to pedal this slow and keep your balance...." (and after a dirty look back from me) "but at least I'm getting a unique exercise."

Saturday day was spent mostly in a blur. I made my first venture out to find the post office. Apparently though I went to the one in the "bad part" of town, but next time I'll know better. I also went to Wal-Mart to return some things and then to the grocery store. It's the only one I can find and I keep calling it Schnucks because I think it is expensive. This is starting to get boring for you readers isn't it? I'll try to make this next part sound more lively. As soon as I got home, I rushed in to the kitchen. I grabbed whatever I could find that was edible and forced Reagan to eat it so I could get him off to bed to nap quickly. Once he was asleep I knew I would be able to start my Four Cheese Lasagna, I would need quiet and peace in order to concentrate on this dish because it was a) the first time I've ever made lasagna and b) for special house guests we would be entertaining that evening. You might ask, why did you start making it at 11:30 am if you guests were not going to arrive until 6:00 pm? The answer is... because I would be at my MK (Mary Kay) orientation most of the afternoon and thus leaving ZACH, the husband, to put the lasagna in the oven for me. Okay this is getting long and I'm failing to make it interesting... long story short: I went to my orientation which went well, I only got lost twice trying to find Bartlett. Zach put the lasagna in a little late so we waited about an hour after the guests got there to eat but whatever, it was still good. Actually really good, there was none left at the end! Oh and our house guests were Zach's coaches and their wives. They were a lot of fun, we then played Scatagories after dinner and I think we'll do it more often!

Sunday, I drove back home with Reagan to visit my parents. Reagan was a doll in the car, I can't believe how handy those little portable DVD players are. Thank you Grandma for giving it to Drew, and thank you Drew for giving it to us! 

And that's that. I did a lot of driving in the car this weekend which left me some time to ponder. and thus it has come to my attention the last few days that I am getting older. 

Examples would be-
Driving at night is bothersome to me
I rarely wear heals anymore (gasp Brandie!!) and I feel the effects of them when I do
I am flossing my teeth more regularly
I listen to talk radio 99.5% of the time I'm in the car and prefer it
I turn on the TV in the mornings to check what the weather is going to be like that day
My purse holds all that one would need for an impromptu weekend getaway (with child)
I hardly ever turn on MTV anymore, HGTV and TLC all the way
I have a short hair cut

There is still hope though, see the examples below-
I still dislike reading the newspaper and only open it for the Milestones & Bridal section
I don't believe in Diets (Weight Watchers doesn't count, it's a lifestyle not a diet)
I still hate hearing about politics
I definitely haven't started saying the phrase "at any rate" yet
I don't wear make-up consistently every day yet and have never died my hair
My metabolism hasn't started punishing me yet for the about of chocolate I consume
I still plan Halloween costumes 2 months in advance (which by the way I know what we're going to be for Halloweenie! But it's a secret so you'll just have to wait and see!! So mom- shhhh don't tell anyone.)

Also, I updated the post I made about my new Mary Kay endeavor. The email address should be
Kapeesh? Kay? Have a good week!

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The Young's said...

I just may have to get some marykay from you. I use their foundation...yes, the palest they sell (I believe...ivory 100).

Glad you guys are doing well. Hope you can SPILL on the board what you guys will be for halloween...thats a closed/private board so it would only be US!