Friday, September 9, 2016

Minnesota - Sylvan Lake PART ONE

Cabin life...front room, kitchen, bedroom all within reach.

The long awaited canoe trip with my dad and Reagan. The wait much longer than the actual trip.

The boys had a "fun" haircut for one. whole. week. Then the day before we left I had Zach shave it.

Reagan was big on catching fish with the net. His brothers were big on scaring all fish away from the net.

Levi's signature look. "I hear you. And I don't care."

We sold our house the night before we left (a story for another time) and then the night we finally reached an agreement on an offer on our new house Zach celebrated with a cigar and honey bourbon a la sunset.

Giving that sweatshirt a good workout I see.

iPhone photos to come. Please wait with bated breath.

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