Monday, September 12, 2016

Minnesota - Sylvan Lake PART 2

Here we are leaving 6 hours later than planned and driving overnight after having sold our house while Zach worked 96 hours straight at the station.

Made our way into Nisswa to do some exploring.We looked at their little free library, one of the babe the blue ox's, the museum, the chocolate ox and then obviously had to wrap things up with lunch at their A&W. Timing didn't work out for us to do the turtle races but we still stopped by where they are to pay homage.

Levi's MO most days was to climb to the top of the swing set and unhook the swings. Then climb back down, carry the chain up and re-hook them. They say don't wake a sleeping baby, its' equivalent is "don't distract an occupied Levi."

Don't tell Grandma the boys are on her rocks.

Levi was here ^^^^

Fred the frog. "He's cute but I broke hims two legs."

Feeding mice to the fish. Organic, hormone free mice...straight from the inner quarters of the cabin.

Now that I've had corndogs, homemade and lakeside, I don't think I can have them any other way. Just kidding, I totally can. But these were amazing.

August 2013 --> August 2016 (due one week apart)

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