Wednesday, December 2, 2015

October Round-up

The little boys caught a stomach bug early in the month.
 We had family pictures taken out at Normandy Village. 

Hummus is hilarious

We met Emily and Nora for lunch at Chik Fil A one afternoon. Here is the cute picture...

Here is an even better one...

Zach's Grandma Carol gave him a really neat firefighter's bible.

Levi cleaned his ear with a sharpie. As you do.

My kids were less than successful at school pictures this year.

While his individual was nice, let's zoom in on the class.

This is so ironic to us because he is pretty much the most easily excitable kid on the planet.

Reagan appeared to be less than impressed. And thanks to a weird shadow...pre-pubescent? I swear there is no babystash on his face in real life. 

Shocker, I order no pictures. We did retakes and they were worse (can't find them right now to show.) I take enough pictures of the kids throughout the year that I never order more than the most basic of basic package of school pictures anyway. 

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bnlacombe said...

Shep with the roses and the jacket. My face melted off.