Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Luba's Shower

Luba and Victor are having a baby boy in the next couple of weeks! We threw her a shower at our house last month to celebrate baby Delgado. 

 One of the games we played involved those balloons. Each guest went up and popped a balloon (get it, because she's going to "pop" soon. I also wanted to call this game "pop quiz.") Inside each balloon was a question that they were to ask Luba. I had asked Victor the same questions ahead of time and wrote his answers down as well. It was funny and cute to compare Luba's answers with Victor's. One of the balloons had confetti in it and who ever popped that one, won a prize.

Zach made this out of reclaimed wood and I painted it with the lion and a verse from Joshua 1:9 as a gift for them. 

Can't wait to meet little Valentino!

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