Thursday, May 1, 2014

lake weekend

We spent last weekend at Zach's parent's lake house in Southern Illinois. It's about a 4 hour drive, near Marion, at Lake of Egypt. 

That is not it.

It is best described as a cabin and it is perfect and we loved it. Over the years to come it will be such  a fun/memorable place to take the boys and the projects for Zach and his dad to work on will never end, at least that's what they hope. wink.

There is a neighborhood dog named Johnson that visits Chris and Kristi every day they are there. It is honestly the saddest, homeliest looking thing you've ever seen, but it's old and sweet and my in-laws keep it well fed on bacon scraps and eggs.

The big project this time was putting in the dock Chris built. Yes, BUILT. Because the man can do anything, yet another reason why Zach wants to pretty much be him. The docks once all put together are massive and I know it is weird to describe docks as gorgeous but that is exactly what they are. Beautiful, solid wood boat docks. We spent most of the morning just watching them, the boys were enthralled. Then most of the afternoon Reagan latched on to his Grandpa and the neighbor and helped as much as they would let him.

Reagan and Sofie caught their fish using a worm Reagan found earlier in the week. Determined to fish with it the coming weekend he stored it in OUR FRIDGE and carefully transported it the four hours down to the lake.

 Neither of the little boys could stay awake for our boat rides. No complainers here =)

Can't wait to go back!

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