Sunday, May 18, 2014

He said, he also said

while making mac n cheese
"I'm going to need help, I'm not a natural like you are."

greeting Levi
"heeeey, dude with the boobs."

"Leaving to play outside! You can watch whatever you want on tv. Be free!"

"Have you ever seen the Easter Bunny?"
Zach: One time I saw Santa Claus...
"Well now you're just trying to be impressive."

"I don't want to get in trouble and get a passport to my room."

"Mrs. Thomas said I need to work on my 'h' and 'n's... an h is like a unicorn n!"

"People at school always say boys and girls kissing is gross but I'm like why? my mom and dad do it all the time."

my favorite quote of his of all time because this is him and Zach's "thing" they say to each other...
"Hey dad you know what you could do to make me love you more? Nothing! You know what you could do to make me love you less? Nothing!"

"The confederacy is all over the walls at school and people are mad." (after further prying we deducted he actually meant graffiti.)

"At school my friends call me the nickname Rampage Reagan."
Does anyone else have a nickname?
"Well sometimes they call Christopher,  Chris."

And now for Shepherd's quick foray into the quote section:
Dropping things off in the Goodwill drive thru...
"Fries, PLEASE!"

 clockwise: 1. the worm that lived with us for a week, 2. Reagans bedroom sign (only exceptions are "guests and myself when i'm an adult,") 3. Levi's way late four/six month appointment, 4. everyone sits at the table now! 

clockwise: 1. Easter morning, 2. asleep with a good book, 3. grocery cart graduate! we have two sitters now, 4. close but no. 

clockwise: our only child who has tolerated being rocked to sleep, 2. Easter pic, 3. Zach talked me into a minivan f i n a l l y and I hate how much I luv it. 4. I want a print of this. 


Anonymous said...

I love everything about this post! And I need to spend more time with Reagan just for laughs!! He'll keep my mind off other things that I can't have right??! Good job Ashley!
Love, A. Debbie

Anonymous said...

I second that! Love, Gramps