Thursday, April 24, 2014

Easter 2014 part 1

We celebrated Easter with my mom last Saturday. It was a night of wins and losses. Egg dying and pictures with the kids was a definite loss. I lectured Reagan forever about being careful, then I ever-so-confidently instructed him "to just watch me..." in which I then proceeded to drop the egg and spill dye e v e r y w h e r e. A major win was the amount of steak and Sugar Mama cupcakes that we all digested. And then I suppose a wash would be that Drew whooped us all in Bananagrams, minus one game that I emerged victorious beating Sheila "Grammar Queen" Meiner and Zach "spells dirty words" Williams.

You guys. Sigh of defeat. 
We tried so hard and these pictures are literally the best ones we walked away with (they progressively get worse.) 

In other words, book us for your next photo shoot while you still can!

 1. Reagan and Levi, I feel you guys. I promise I will only make you do this until I die. So like 3-60 more years. 2. These "baby hairs" that are growing back from my post-natal hair loss are in the category far opposite of attractive. Yuck.

  men loving on babies, also known as "ovary busters."

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