Friday, March 14, 2014

February around the house.

I'm racking my brain trying to think of something interesting to write but I've got nothing. Just chugging through winter over here, holding out hope for Spring. 

regarding the picture directly above...
Me: Why are you doing that with your arm?
Reagan: I'm showing off my muscles.
Me: ....oh that makes sense

Obviously not pleased with his dinner option...
Reagan: I wish I was allergic to meat loaf.

Reagan: Sometimes I feel like I have to brag for food around here.
Me: for starters it's "beg" for food and two, you've never had to do that in your life.

Reagan: I have a serious question.. Where did God get this whole idea of making the world?

And Shepherd makes his grand debut into the quotes!
While eating his chili and picking each individual kidney bean out...
Shepherd: "mmmmm.... Football!

Shep says "I love you" unprompted now! So far only to Reagan and Levi. Like a dagger to the heart. poor Zach and I, left in the dust.

Getting in the car after church...
Me: So how was Sunday school?
Reagan: Well, I got my wiener stuck in my belt.
Zach: WHAT?!?
Me: instant tears of laughter
Apparently in a rush bathroom attempt he decided to forgo unbuckling his belt. This caused him pulling his pants back up to take a very hazardous turn. 

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Lacy said...

I can't wait for all of those funny quotes! Reagan sounds hilarious! :D And we got to get Wren and Shep together again... they are doing all of the same stuff! They are at such a fun age!! :D