Thursday, January 2, 2014

Music Concert 2013

Reagan had his school "Winter Concert" at the beginning of December. It was INSANE, standing room only and to make matters worse I could barely see Reagan. If Reagan is happy and content I can always hear him narrating whatever he's doing through song (eating breakfast, tying his shoes, using the bathroom, etc.) We had heard the songs so much by the time the concert came that Zach and I could probably sing right along with them. The funny thing about Reagan is that he gets embarrassed very quickly and so it is always a nail-biter if he will actually pull through and perform or not. He appeased us all and did the bare minimum of hand-motions and acted generally unimpressed by the whole thing (no surprise there.)

Here are some really bad pictures but document, document! Oh a mother's obligation. 
(He is center in a green button up shirt.)

If I remained sitting, leaned halfway towards my left, and looked through this line of people... I could see my boy just great!

Levi is un-pictured but was a gem. Shepherd… well using the old tricks of the trade, we threw a red sucker in his direction and hoped for the best. And by best I mean least screamiest. We walked out of the school with every inch of us niiiice aannnd sticky.

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