Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Sheila's 50th List

For my mom's 50th birthday, I (with the help of my brother and grandparents) compiled a list of 50 facts about her. 
And here they be...

1.           Her top two front teeth are not actually her real “front teeth”
2.           Born in Somerset, Kentucky on a bright sunny day.
3.           Tied our childhood dog’s ear into a ponytail causing it to loose circulation, eventually making the ear fall off.
4.           New owner of a bright red F150.
5.            For road trips she would put a sign in the window of our van that said “Honk if you’re not wearing underwear!”
6.            Wears flip flops when using the weed whacker.
7.            She would love to write a book one day.
8.            She has two children- Ashley Christine (25) and Andrew Stevens (23)
9.            Three grandsons- Reagan Andrew (6) Shepherd Christopher (1.5) Levi Tripp (1 mo)
10.         Has a major lead foot.

11.         Got her first job at the KarmelKorne Shoppe at the mall in high school.
12.         Is notorious for being late.
13.         Names all of her cars and only refers to them by their given names.
14.         Has a prize-winning shoe collection, yet is always barefoot.
15.         Only drums with her thumbs while singing in the car (hands must remain at “10 and 2”)
16.         Has a basket on the front of her bike that her dog sits in.
17.         Pronounces the word certainly, “soy-tainly” on purpose.
18.          Will try anything once!
19.          Has been hit on and robbed simultaneously.
20.        Member of the debate team and pom squad in high school.

21.         Her dream job would require her not to have to be there before noon and doing something creative.
22.        Loves to travel!
23.        ISU Corphyee member during college! (dance team for those not in the know)
24.       Immediately started with State Farm after college (1985) and has been with them ever since!
25.        She slept with a stuffed dog by the name of Alfi all through high school and college.
26.        Sang in swing choir in high school (did more dancing than singing.)
27.         In the summer of 1972, Sheila, her brother, her parents and her grandparents road-tripped (sardine style) to Seattle in a 72’ Chevy Caprice. They made stops along the way to the Badlands, Corn Palace,  and Yellowstone. 
28.        Her first car was a 73’ red VW Beetle.
29.         She can text faster than your teenager.

30.       She has 9 aunts and 9 uncles.
31.          Has 18 cousins between both sides.
32.        While on the JV debate team she made it into the top 16 at State (surprised? me think not.)
33.       Wasn’t allowed to date until she was 16. At age 15 ½ she made a list of pro’s and con’s to debate this rule. Her argument was convincing enough for her to go to prom.
34.       Favorite cake is German Chocolate Cake.
35.        As a child her Grandpa Burton gave her, and her brother Barry, a cow. Each year, when the cow produced a calf, he would give the profits to them.
36.        If you’re willing to leave 2 hours past your departure time, always road trip with Sheila- no one packs better snacks and entertainment.
37.        Enjoys playing golf (maybe buying golf “outfits” more though.)
38.        Gave birth to her son without an epidural.
39.        Still gives her grown children Christmas stockings and Easter baskets.
40.       Only does between 2 and 6 things at a time.

41.          Growing up she listened to Shea Cassidy and the Bay City Rollers.
42.       OPI’s “Cajun Shrimp” is her go to color for her toe nails.
43.       Got a B in Mr. Baker’s driver’s ed class and was pissed.
44.      Loves the color red, but her signature color to wear is coral/salmon.
45.       Collected snow baby figurines forever.
46.       LOVES the Kentucky Wildcats.
47.        Although she grew up in Illinois, she magically develops a thick southern accent when around anyone from the South.
48.       This year she cut off over 10 inches of her hair to donate to Locks of Love.
49.        Places she’s called home: Somerset, KY; Pekin, IL; Normal, IL; Kernersville, NC; Normal, IL; Sussex, NJ; Normal, IL (yes for the third time.)
50.        Roots for the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs.

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