Monday, October 28, 2013

Pumpkin Carving '13

Sofie carved pumpkins with us last weekend. We can check that fall tradition off our to-do list for this year! We picked them a while ago at Rader's. The general rule is you can pick whatever pumpkin you want but you have to be able to carry it. Reagan's eyes tended to be bigger than his muscles but he finally resigned to this one. After carving, we couldn't find votives to show the kids their lit up pumpkins so we used a flashlight and a yankee candle.

We love this kid but he sure does have his moments. Don't believe that sweet face! Don't get sucked in by those big brown eyes! It's a trap. Everyone warns you of the terrible two's but I actually loved those days. 18 months is more of the patience pusher because they want to do so much but can't communicate it all quite yet. It's a constant teeter between abounding joy and an earth-shattering meltdown. Oh but that chubby little face gets us every time!

 P.S. I cut all my hair off last week. Post on this to come!

(see! Shepherd is happy when by himself on the table. Ticked when others join him.)

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Anonymous said...

Like your haircut Ash! But like it better long.....Dad