Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Shadoan Visit

My grandparents came up from South Carolina in late October to meet their newest great-grandson and also to celebrate my mom's 50th birthday. Apparently my grandma also came to fold 13 loads of laundry and unload our dishwasher 7 times... and that she most certainly did. The kids latched onto them in zero seconds flat and for the first time in history I think Shepherd actually refused to go to me, trying to stay velcro'ed to my grandpa. And like always, their trip went by way too quick.

Reading to Reagan before bed and the kid insisting he needed his "reading glasses"...

One afternoon Grandpa took Reagan out to lunch all by himself. He choose Steak n' Shake and probably talked his ear off about all the things six and a half year olds think are cool these days (hint; it's no longer moms said the sulking mother.)

^^ Levi's face ^^ 

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