Wednesday, November 20, 2013

H-ween '13

Reagan choose to be Robinhood this year, primarily because then he got to carry around a bow and arrow. Zach took the boys to get their costumes, and I'm thinking it was because Reagan had pre-decided on his costume and I didn't have the patience to run around town to try and find a $30 crushed velvet shirt that he will wear only once. Geesh! kids costumes… am I right? But I digress. 

Anyway, Zach texted me a picture of what he found for Shep. At first I thought it was a dinosaur but then I noticed wings so that makes it a dragon…? So, I texted him back no. Pause for time elapse. Then he replied too bad, your text didn't go through until I already purchased the nonrefundable felt unitard. So that is how we came up with this dragon/dino deal. 

Halloween day, Levi and I went to watch Reagan's costume parade/classroom party and Shepherd hung out with Grandma Darlene. That night we went back to our old neighborhood for a cookout and some trick or treating action. It didn't make us miss our awesome neighbors at all (lie. Hi Sharon.) 

Shepherd was not having my little photo-shoot so that's as good as it gets folks!

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