Thursday, August 22, 2013

First Day of First Grade

Before we went to the lake, Zach thought it would be a good idea to clean our house really well and leave a set of keys with his dad and our trusty neighbor Tom. It was a great plan because even though it made leaving for the trip really stressful/chaotic, whenever someone wanted to show our house I wasn't having to pick up after the kids and scoot them out of the house real fast. By the time we got back Tom had fished us multiple offers and we were able to choose the best one... without even having to put our house on the market! So needless to say, things moved really quickly and have been pretty crazy since then. We ended up finding a house to rent for the time being that is nearby and we will move in about a week. Even though it is close, it is districted for another elementary school (that I have heard really great things about,) so we decided to go ahead and start Reago there so he doesn't have to transition schools shortly after the school year starts... plus moving, plus a new baby coming... that's a lot of changes for a 6 year old all at once. SO. That long introduction for a few first day of school pictures!

Requested pancakes and "frosting" (whip cream) for breakfast. 

 I kept this picture because this is what most of our daily life looks like. 

(I secretly snapped this picture before leaving, I couldn't control my momness.)

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Anonymous said...

Ash, my Grandsons are the cutest kids in the world! You should send head shots to various magazines and they would be chosen as catalogue kid models in a NY minute!