Monday, July 22, 2013

Nursery- BEFORE and AFTERs

We loved that this room had a little built in sink/changing table deal and the original plan was to try to salvage most of it but replace the faucet and counter top. Like most projects it turned out to be a bigger (read: more costly) deal than we expected so we just spruced up the cabinet with new handles and a fresh counter top. We did however leave the plumbing intact in case we, or someone else, changed their minds down the line.

This room and the extra bedroom are the only two rooms out of the 5 bedrooms that didn't have the original hardwoods exposed. Certain spots were in bad shape but luckily they were just carpet squares and the previous owners left tons of extras so we swapped them out real quick like.

This room also has an adjoining closet to the extra bedroom. If you ever want to freak Shep out then you should walk through this door to get him after his nap instead of the main one. Much consoling will need to be given afterwards.


Painted it grey of course because, well because it's my soul color. Jenny Lind crib that we'll get an identical one for the next baby because we like it so much. Rocker and ottoman were gifts from my parents upon Shepherd's arrival and behind the piggy bank is a video monitor that Zach's parent's gifted us with as well.

My mom found this mobile at The Garlic Press, I love it because I can clip anything to it that my heart desires, and when its' desire's change I can reclip away.

Antler's from my Great-Grandpa Stephens. Gold and light blue Shep silhouette by yours truly.

Things I would love to add:
New curtains that reach the ground (these were left by the previous owners and transplanted from another room.) Curtains that flood are a huge pet peeve of mine!
 A gallery wall of childhood portraits of the grandparents (I've already started collecting some.)
Solid wood book shelf for a few toys and books.

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